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Meet Your New Bookkeeper

I have been doing bookkeeping since I was 18 years old, straight from high school. I starting my work experience with an accounting firm in downtown Hamilton; from there I was hooked. The most experience I got was with J.E.T. Dillane, Chartered Accountant on John Street.  I am sure he is fully retired by now but he gave me the confidence I needed to do more than secretarial work.  After having my 2 boys in my early 20’s, I decided to put my experience into the other end of bookkeeping.  I worked as an accounting clerk for various businesses, a dollar store, landscaping company and a meat purveyor. Now I had the experience from the beginning of bookkeeping and I was ready to go back to an accounting firm, so that’s where most of my experience come in.  Each accounting firm has their specialties and I learned each had their accounting risks and clientele volume.  I always wondered if going back to school was the right time for me and then my daughter came as a total surprise at my tender age of 42.  Now that’s a whole different discussion about experience.  My last work employment was with an accounting firm in Stoney Creek as a secretary and then worked up to the Office Manager.

This experience gave me a chance to actually run a small firm on my own. After 13 years I ventured on my own and took the pushed plunge to build a bookkeeping business with the pleasant offerings of new and familiar clients. Now to the present. I have been working under the name Mrs C’s Bookkeeping Services for the past 10 years and this year I have changed my name to 5ive Point Business Services Inc., setting up for a move to an office with staff and continue to work at the job I love.  That’s what has made it so easy for me.  First the confidence and gratitude of my clients with the work I do for them as well as doing what I have enjoyed pretty much all my life. So even though I never did get my education, my experience has taken me
to where I still love the bookkeeping process. I still have 10 more years in me before I will be ready to retire so let’s see where the next 10 years take me.

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